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Funtasma 138 Black SPICY Funtasma SPICY zqxnZ6zg
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Black Funtasma Funtasma SPICY 138 SPICY
17 - 09 - 2018
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Arozzi Inizio Gaming Chair Review

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Funtasma Funtasma SPICY 138 Black SPICY  






Most gaming chairs are shipped in plain cardboard boxes that just have the model name and company logo on them and as you can see the same applies for the Inizio.

Funtasma Funtasma Black SPICY SPICY 138  


The various parts of the chair are placed in pieces of foam and bubble and between several pieces of cardboard.



Flat L'Artiste Spring Mary Jane by Tomee Step Blue Women's xaxwfFvqAs usual the 5 star base followed by the butterfly height adjustment mechanism were the two items first out of the box.



Both the backrest and the seat came out next and as you can see this is the first time we see an exposed backrest adjustment mechanism.



The Inizio also features removable neck and lumbar support pillows and these were the next ones out of the box.



Finally we took the two armrests out of the box along with a small cardboard box inside which Arozzi had placed the class-4 gaslift with its plastic cover, all 4 side covers, the 5 wheels, Alen key, 4 short Philips screws (for the side covers), warning information paper and the assembly instructions.


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